2021 - present


ServiZurich - UX/UI Designer

My Contribution to UX/UI Design at Zurich

As a UX/UI designer on the Zurich team, I have had the privilege of collaborating on a variety of international projects that have strengthened my experience and enriched my ability to create exceptional user experiences. My work has centered on the Zurich Design System, projects for various countries, including Switzerland, Italy, and North America and Zurich One, one of Zurich's largest and most ambitious digital product.

Zurich's Design System

Zurich's Design System serves as the cornerstone of our design philosophy, providing a unified framework that seamlessly extends across various products and platforms. This invaluable resource not only fosters consistency in design but also acts as a guiding compass for future projects. With meticulously defined standards, components, and guidelines, the Design System empowers our design teams to craft intuitive and visually cohesive user experiences, ultimately reinforcing Zurich's commitment to excellence in every facet of our digital ecosystem.

Zurich One

One of the most thrilling moments in my career was assuming a lead designer role in the team responsible for crafting the groundbreaking Zurich Global application. This app marks a significant milestone in the insurance industry, enabling users to manage policies, report claims, and more. My journey on this project has been exhilarating, from creating logical workflows to designing user-friendly interfaces. I've led the team in delivering solutions that enhance user lives, all while upholding Zurich's standards of security and reliability. This project has allowed me to make a tangible impact on people's lives, and I take pride in my pivotal role in its development.

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