E-commerce Website & Branding

Research and Definition

Market Research: I began the project by researching the CBD oil market and the target audience, women aged 25 to 40. I analyzed their needs, preferences, and concerns regarding CBD products. Goal Definition: I established the project's key objectives, which included creating a user-friendly shopping experience, conveying trust, and highlighting the benefits of CBD oils for health and well-being.

Brand and Logo Design

Brand Identity Development: I designed the brand identity for Oliium, selecting colors, typography, and a visual style that resonated with the target audience. I ensured that the brand reflected serenity and trust.
Logo Creation: I designed a distinctive logo that evoked the concept of naturalness and balance.

User Experience (UX)

Design User Persona Creation: I developed detailed profiles of potential buyers to understand their needs, desires, and online behaviors.
Information Architecture: I created a logical navigation structure that allowed users to easily find CBD products and access relevant information.
Wireframe Design: I designed wireframes that defined the layout and flow of the website, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use.

User Interface (UI)

Design Visual Design: I implemented the brand identity into the interface design, selecting colors, typography, and visual elements that conveyed a sense of calm and reliability.
Responsive Design: I ensured that the design was responsive, optimizing it for various screen sizes, from mobile devices to desktop computers.
Interactive Prototype Creation: I developed interactive prototypes to test the functionality and navigation of the website.
Usability Testing: I conducted usability tests with real users to identify potential navigation issues and improve the user experience.

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