Final Degree Project ELISAVA

Nominated for ei! awards

This work exposes the dizzying expansion that the smartphone has had in the world and the changes it has caused in both the economy and society. How it has become an indispensable element in our lives and how it is changing us. On the other hand, it analyzes the limits and risks of its use, among which its ease of creating addiction stands out.

The digital revolution is here to stay, and the philosophy of smartphones is not going to change. Companies will always fight for your time, the more time you dedicate to them the more data you offer them. These devices are designed to capture your attention at all times and consume all your time with your smartphone. Does this really help us as users?

These devices will continue to offer us an ever-growing world of possibilities at our fingertips, the effects of which can even have an impact on our health. If smartphones are not going to change, we will have to change. Therefore, this project aims to raise awareness of the real problem caused by the overuse of this technology and combat it. Create an experience that helps the user disconnect and interact more with the real world.

ELISAVA ei! Awards

Behance project

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