2018 - 2022


Digital Design consulting - UX/UI Designer

My Contribution in Multiplica

As a UX/UI designer, my professional journey has been marked by the opportunity to be part of a talented team at Multiplica, a renowned digital consulting firm that leads the industry. During my time at Multiplica, I've had the privilege to learn, grow, and collaborate with some of the best in the field of user experience. At Multiplica, we have embraced a comprehensive design philosophy, working on projects from their inception to the final execution. Our methodology encompasses everything from information architecture creation, through the user experience (UX) design phase, to the final user interface (UI). This holistic approach has allowed us to deliver digital solutions that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-centric.

Collaborating with Exceptional Colleagues

One of the advantages of working at Multiplica is the constant collaboration with exceptional colleagues. My experience there has not only been professionally enriching but has also given me a profound understanding of the world of user experience. Through the exchange of knowledge and mentoring from my peers, I've honed my skills and embraced the importance of user empathy in the design process.

Exciting Projects for Renowned Clients

During my time at Multiplica, I've had the honor of working on a variety of exciting projects for renowned clients, including companies such as Catalana Occidente, Balearia, Andorra, Hesperia, FC Barcelona, Planeta de Agostini, Iberostar, Girbau, Stradivarius, Volotea, and many more. Each project has been a unique opportunity to apply my design skills and create solutions that meet the business objectives of clients while enhancing the user experience.

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