Travel Website & Branding

Concept and Idea

The DreamWand project came about when my partner and I realized the need for efficient and personalized travel organization. We love to travel in a well-organized manner and usually design our own templates in Figma to include screenshots and information about flights, hotels, activities, and more. This experience inspired me to create a platform that would help other users design their customized trips while also offering the option to purchase itineraries or complete travel packages.

Brand and Logo Design

Brand Identity: When I started designing the brand identity for DreamWand, my goal was to convey elegance and professionalism. I wanted users to associate the brand with organized and high-quality travel planning.
Choosing the Name: For the name, I wanted users to understand that DreamWand offered more than just a simple booking platform. The idea of magic, where each user could create their own personalized itinerary, led me to the final name: DreamWand, the magical wand that turns travel dreams into reality.

User Experience (UX)

I put myself in the shoes of the target customer, as I myself am a user who would like to use DreamWand. I started thinking about what I would like to find on this platform, and that's how I began creating the structure. I also relied on the help of my partner and friends, who played a significant role in defining the final experience.

User Interface (UI)

For the interface design, my goal was to create a platform that didn't appear cluttered, in contrast to many other websites of the same style. I wanted images to be the main focus, and I aimed for a clean and elegant design. I designed visual elements that allow users to feel the possibility of customising their own travel itineraries, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

DreamWand, became a platform that addresses the needs of efficient travel planning, offering users the ability to create personalised travel itineraries. The brand and design reflect sophistication and the magic of making travel dreams come true.

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